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Google Ads is where we put your business at the forefront of those actively searching for your product or service. We bring the right traffic to your doorstep – that’s the power of Google Ads! Stay ahead of your competition with our industry-leading strategies, and let’s get your business seen online.

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Gain consistent new enquiries within days of launch while tracking ROI.  Accelerate your sales revenue fast, with our proven 5-star reviewed lead generation and sales based Google Advertising campaigns.

With our team of degree qualified, certified Google Partners on your side, you can rest assured your advertising is in the best possible hands.

Google Ads Demystified

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What's The Difference Between Google Ads and SEO?

Google Ads, a paid advertising platform by Google, operates on a pay-per-click model. With Google Ads, you can run paid ads across various platforms such as search, display, shopping, and YouTube. Most often, you’re charged each time someone clicks on your ad. On the other hand, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the practice of optimising your website to secure organic (free) rankings on Google’s search results page for your most valuable search queries.

How Will Google Ads Help Me Get Leads?

Google Ads is a powerful tool for attracting new customers and increasing sales for any business. It allows you to target potential customers actively seeking solutions to their needs, delivering your ads when it matters most.

Unlike SEO, which can take time to show results, Google Ads can start driving business growth quickly. It enables your ads to appear prominently for key industry keywords. At Kaizen Marketing, we offer a range of solutions tailored to your business goals and budget, including various campaign types, such as search, shopping, video, and display ads.

We’re specialists in crafting effective strategies to help your business thrive!

Are You A Qualified Google Partner?

Yes, Kaizen Marketing is a proud Google Partner and all of our advertising team is Google Ads Certified.

This elite status allows us to provide our clients with outstanding support and grants us exclusive access to cutting-edge beta features and advanced reporting tools. We’re here to ensure our clients not only succeed but thrive in the digital landscape.

What Is Quality Score?

Quality Score, in the realm of Google Ads, is a crucial metric that defines the effectiveness of your keywords, ads, and landing page experience.

Why does it matter?

Quality Score has a direct impact on how your ads perform and what you pay per click. The higher your score, the more affordable it is to secure prime ad positions, leaving your competitors trailing behind.

We excel at optimising Quality Scores, ensuring your campaigns achieve their full potential while keeping costs in check.

How Do I Choose The Right Agency To Run My Google Ads?

When it comes to choosing a Google Ads agency, it’s all about finding a partner who delivers real results. Here at Kaizen Marketing, we’re all about tangible outcomes.

We don’t just promise; we prove it.

Our approach is rooted in understanding your unique business needs and using data-driven strategies to achieve profitable results.

At Kaizen Marketing, we thrive on the genuine connections we build with our clients. Give your personal marketing team a call and let’s chat!

How Does PPC Impact SEO?

PPC and SEO work hand-in-hand, and it’s crucial to understand their impact in clear terms:

  • PPC helps identify the most effective keywords that drive sales. This information guides your SEO strategy towards these high-value terms.
  • Combining PPC and SEO means more space on the search results page (SERP), giving your business added visibility when it matters most. This partnership can significantly boost your Click-Through Rate (CTR).
  • PPC provides valuable audience insights, enhancing your SEO campaigns.
  • Users who see your PPC ad might be more inclined to click on your organic search result.

Bringing PPC and SEO together offers a holistic approach, delivering competitive advantages and long-term SEO enhancements.

Will A Google Ads & PPC Agency Benefit My Business?

Let’s get straight to the point – whether a Google Ads & PPC Agency is right for your business depends on your unique needs. But here’s what we’ve seen: if your business is anything like the hundreds we’ve assisted, then yes, it can work wonders!

Google Ads is the fast track to ramping up leads and sales for your business. However, the challenge lies in running profitable campaigns while staying ahead of the online competition. You might have tried your hand at Google Ads before, or maybe you worked with less experienced PPC Management Services. If it didn’t work out, it could be because you needed the right expertise and ended up wasting resources on irrelevant and expensive keywords.

But don’t let past experiences deter you. The Kaizen Marketing team knows the secrets to making Google Ads work for you. We don’t just focus on clicks and impressions; we optimise for ROI, the metric that truly matters. We leave nothing to chance when maximising your ROI potential.

Our approach includes pairing Google Ads campaigns with high-converting landing pages or sales funnels, ensuring every click translates into profitability. When considering Google Ads for your business, ask yourself one crucial question: Are there enough people actively searching on Google for my product or service? You can gauge this through keyword research using Google Ads’ free tool.

Google Ads allows you to target ready-to-buy prospects actively seeking your product or service. If you’re not utilising Google Ads, you might be missing out, leaving your competitors to snatch your market share.

In essence, Google Ads is a powerful sales engine for e-commerce and service-based businesses looking to secure quick sales and customers.


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