Bodene Childs

Bodene Childs

Kaizen Marketing Director

Landing Pages. They are incredibly important to your digital marketing strategy and need to be approached as a critical element in your marketing campaigns success. #PleaseTellMeYouAlreadyKnowThis

You may have created the most sassy, informative, disruptive, genius Facebook or Google ad that your industry has seen… You might be light years ahead of your competition… Even by promoting your brand digitally you think you’re ahead of the pack. But here is the problem, if you are trying to generate new customers, fresh enquiry, sales explosions, and generally aiming for hustle and growth in the revenue department then trust me… You need to publish an effective landing page simultaneous to your ad.

If we see the ad as the way we GRAB our target audiences attention, then the role of a landing page is to fuel potential customers desire and motivation to enquire immediately.

Attention + Trust + MOTIVATION = New Customer

Employ psychological ad copy techniques to motivate customers. Have traffic reach your page and instantly resonate with your vision and offering. Incorporate graphics and ad copy that leave readers feeling trusting and motivated to buy or sign up immediately. Lead your traffic through a seamless path from the initial click to conversion. Try not to spam, trick or offer cliche guarantees to your captive audience but rather educate, motivate, instil trust, promote desire and command action.

This week I had the pleasure of helping one of my Sydney based clients make-over his landing page. This is one of my favourite tasks because it truly makes a difference to his bottom line. I know how crucial an optimised landing page is and just how much it can increase conversions and ROI. The page creates a seamless path for traffic guiding them effortlessly to conversion.


As you can see the page promotes education of services, offers credibility in reviews and staff imagery, it eases hesitation by showing all convenient office locations, it enforces brand equity through the company’s vision, while urging the audience to apply for a quote. Your landing page is your best salesperson. It commits to convert a potential customer within minutes and promotes your business to thousands of people each month.

It’s 100% worth your time to ensure it’s beautifully written and presented so that you go to sleep at night knowing not a cent is going to waste with your digital marketing strategy!

#GetYourLandingPageSorted #DigitalMarketingWithADifference

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