Bodene Childs

Bodene Childs

Strategy Director

At Kaizen Digital Marketing we love Google, a little bit too much! We regularly see new customers campaigns wasting thousands of dollars of budget per month and nothing gets us more excited than cracking down on their budget waste. We use these techniques plus countless more to get our clients more enquiries and sales for the same budget! Warm your brain up and get ready for some of the hottest money saving tips you have ever read!

Our hottest 5 tips for minimising budget waste!


  1. Adjust device bid allocations

Your AdWords campaign can be targeted to certain devices – mobiles, tablets or desktops. You can reduce or increase bid allocations to place a greater emphasis on your ads showing on certain devices. This is handy when you begin analysing your data and recognise perhaps 95% of your target audience is using mobile and your CPC and CPA are far cheaper on that device.


  1. Creating an ad schedule

Ensure that your ads are visible during specific times of the day that your audience is searching. If you’re juggling a limited budget as a smaller business or start up it can be effective to implement an ad schedule for peak times when your target audience is searching, clicking and enquiring. Strong analysis of data will not only communicates these trends but also when your traffic is more likely to be researching compared to more lily to convert into sales or enquiries! It can take months to gather that kind of data and ensure it’s correlation over causation but once our team get to the bottom of it we all deserve a crisp martini and high-five!


  1. Negative keyword mapping

Did you know you can see exactly what people are typing in to bring up your business ads? Doing an analysis of search term data will help you to see if there are any words bringing your ads up that are completely irreverent and budget wasters. For example, if you’re a renovation company bidding on terms such as ‘renovation and ‘renovation ideas’ or dit renovations’ is also bringing your ad up. These style of search terms are very research driven and most likely will waste your budget so our team consistently check out search terms to exclude all the budget waters specific to our client accounts. We recently ran an audit for a law firm who had been losing close to $2,000 per month because they weren’t negative keyword mapping!


  1. Split testing

At Kaizen Digital Marketing we love continuously split testing to ensure that your ads are reaching your target audience in the most effective way. We split test EVERYTHING from ad imagery, headlines and text, to search terms, location and device bidding and landing pages.


  1. Keyword selection

A common easy-to-fix mistake when establishing your campaign is not using different keyword modifiers. Utilising a combination of broad match, broad match modifier, phrase match and exact match keywords is essential for your campaign. It allows you to monitor which words are most relevant to your campaign and control traffic numbers.

Has this article made your brain race and filled you with more questions than answers? STAY CALM, go and get yourself a doughnut to get back to your Zen state! Then email the crew here at Kaizen Marketing at with any questions you have.